HOUSE OF PUNTE: An NFL Humor Podcast

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58. Hugh Murray (Hammer Fisted), Andrea Hangst (F*Ball.tumblr)

November 18th, 2010

Did you ever have a project on your computer that was almost finished, only to be suddenly deleted without a trace? That's what I wish would have happened with this show. Don't get me wrong, we did well with a "skeleton crew;" Hugh Murray (@TheLogic) does a bang-up job of reading the news to us, and Andrea Hangst (@OhAndrea) was a delightful guest, but this episode was riddled with tech issues to the point that we actually had to scrap our NFL trivia segment, along with a shit-ton of dead air, leaving us with a paltry 39 minutes of "content." We did manage to save the favorite Phil Raintree (@PhilRaintree) segment of most listeners. As they say in the Navy, "Women, children and Old Timey Picks first!"

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