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Rob Iracane (Big League Stew/#HEIST), Diana Klochkova (WTF Panama), w Special Guest Phil Catelinet

July 8th, 2011

51 minutes. Taped 7/6/11.

Episode 82 was a bit of a trainwreck. Phil Catelinet was good enough to sit in for Amber Jones who was (no shit) at a Britney Spears concert. We had a chat with Diana Klochkova, who used to intern with the Oakland Raiders and now lives in Panama (and chronicles those adventures here). Apparently the internet in Panama blows. Good to know.

We also had connection issues with Rob Iracane, and I don't mean the wireless signal; Rob totally forgot about his interview. We did get the phone line sorted out in time for him to tell us about the #HEIST happening in DC this Saturday. Aaron Merrill and I might see you there.

Shakey and Phil Raintree make appearances as well. This is the second show for which we did video chat, but I forgot to turn on the recorder, so none of those images will ever see the light of day. Bask in your own awe of what a high-tech operation we're running here. Remember, the first five minutes are the toughest.

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