HOUSE OF PUNTE: An NFL Humor Podcast

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The NFL humor blog Kissing Suzy Kolber went live on Blogger in June of 2006 and been growing in popularity ever sense. Created by commenters from the renown sports blog Deadspin, The guys at KSK have won over both football fans and sports agnostics alike, taking shots at everyone from NFL superstars to the writers and personalities that cover the league. The "Gay Mafia," as they are sometimes called, never leave their readers undecided. You either love KSK or you hate it; there is no in between.

But now the guys are taking their game to the realm of podcasting, and the launch of HOUSE OF PUNTE marks the beginning of the Gay Mafia's quest into an audio format. HOUSE OF PUNTE will feature skits, interviews, and features that will serve as a new weapon in the attack against NFL dipshittery. Stand back and gape at your own peril, because another ruckus has just blown onto the internet.

Kissing Suzy Kolber is part of the Uproxx network.

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